RFIDChina.org is the earliest professional portal website dedicated to the services of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) industrial chain. Launched in 2004, the website has long drawn the attention of peers in the industry, which has also won the powerful support from the government and the related departments. To date, it has developed into a leading portal website widely recognized as mainstream in the RFID field.

RFIDChina.org has established a multi-dimensional Internet service system integrating the news and information, interaction and communication, and professional value-added services, which voluntarily shoulders the task of serving the RFID industrial chain with the RFID-focused core.

It daily collects more than a hundred RFID-related messages to provide RFID enterprises and professionals with comprehensive services of information search, report, case, new release and communication through a professional and interactive forum.

Following the philosophy of í«identification based on informationí», RFIDChina.org has grown into a strongly professional portal website with numerous information wide coverage in the RFID field, large numbers of browsers and abundant resources. It will continue to provide more and more innovative professional network services with its spirit of making innovations and attitude of dealing with concrete matters in order to make active efforts and contributions to the advancement of RFID industry in China.